#0009 WHO Stretches your THINKING

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a Thought Leaders Summit where 40 or so, very intellectual Business Leaders and Thinkers gathered in one place to BRAINSTORM. No agenda, no pre-conceived outcome. Just a whole bunch of people exploring ideas and possibilities.

WOW !! WHAT A WAY to stretch my THINKING !!

Imagine being able to tap into such a deep well of experience and knowledge and bandy about a few concepts. Just Awesome. But not everybody gets that kind of opportunity.

So what can you do to STRETCH your thinking?

  • Congratulations, you’re already doing one of them, reading about the experiences of others via BLOGS is a fabulous way to get quick insight into any number of subjects, but “WHAT ELSE” I hear you ask.
  • Pick up a BOOK and read. There are a huge number of best selling business books out there just itching to be read. Some will be good, some great and some rubbish. But each of them will give you knowledge that you can either chose to use or chose to ignore.
  • Do a COURSE, find a relevant course at a local college, university, online or home study. Be careful though, not all courses are created equal and will vary considerably on costs. Do your research and get started.
  • Probably the best advice I can give you is to find yourself a MENTOR. Someone who has been to where you are and is where you want to be. A friend, a business leader, a known identity, a paid mentor.

Whether you chose to read, learn or spend time with someone ahead of your journey you can only be rewarded by the stories they have to tell.


  1. Stretching your Thinking is an everyday habit that one should spend time doing. I love your blog layout. Super. Someday I’d like to visit Australia but for now I’m doing research and saving websites that I find interesting.


  2. Thanks for the helpful incites and pushing them back into my head on a daily basis, keep it up please!

    Here’s to keeping the brain in the right frame of mind!

  3. thanks you very much for your kind gesture,i really appreciate these “who stretches your thinking” it give you direction towards a better life. keep it up more greed to your elbow

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