#0017 TOO Many Choice and no-one BUYING?

Are you offering SO MANY CHOICES in your business and yet people are still NOT buying from you?

TOO MUCH CHOICE can be overwhelming for your customers, so much so that they make no choice at all.

I’m in the middle of a bathroom renovation and part of this experience has meant that my wife has dragged me through tile and accessory shops all over town. Many of which we have walked out of confused and overwhelmed.

The better sales people were able to ask us questions which eliminated certain sections of the store until eventually we were only looking at options that made sense to us. The showroom sales people that were able to guide us successfully also were able to get some business from us.

Get where I’m going here?

Its OK to offer many choices in your business as long as you have a mechanism for guiding and eliminated your customers until you leave them with only a few relevant chocies to make.

Offer too much without this mechanism and you run the risk of confusing your customer to the point of making NO DECISION at all and ultimately NOT SPENDING MONEY with you.

Are you guiding your Customers to a BUYING DECISION well?

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