#0206 You Ungrateful So & So

I sold my treadmill because treadmills suck.

You go as hard as you can and yet after all that effort you end up just where you started. The view does not change and you start again next time right from where you left off.

Worst still is the hedonic treadmill. “The hedonic treadmill isĀ a metaphor for the human tendency to pursue one pleasure after another. The surge of happiness felt after a positive event is likely to return to a steady personal baseline over time.”

The more you do it, the higher the baseline becomes and you will need more and more to be just as satisfied. A spiral to no-where. An addiction you will never satisfy.

Rather than the constant pursuit of new things for a dopamine hit which is always short lived, this is a reminder to re-focus our attention on gratitude for what we already have.

What are you grateful for today?

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