#0205 Cinnamon Cookies

My eldest Daughter made a yummy batch of cinnamon topped cookies on the weekend. They were just the right balance of chewy and moist.

We often get treated with delights like this in our household however with 5 of us with our hands in the cookie jar, they do not typically last long.

I have noticed that just after a fresh load of goodness has vanished, often still warm, that I crave another. That is when I know it gets dangerous on the waistline and I go looking for the next sugar hit, yet I do it anyway.

I have also observed similar behaviour in some of the businesses that I work with. Something good happens that gives them a quick high but then they scramble and make mistakes looking for the next dose.

If you do not have a consistent flow of high quality biscuits in your business then you will bloat the belly looking for a cheap replacement, and you know that is only going to lead to further complications down the road.

Sustainable, high quality, consistent supply will allow you dip in as needed without the pre and post sugar lows.

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