#0233 Context

We all do it, we cannot always help it, but we do it.

Making judgement without the benefit of context.

A friend of mine has been fighting cancer for over a decade and part of the reason, aside from his unwavering mindset is his diligence to avoid infection or unnecessary exposure to anything that could compromise his immune system.

Well before it was mandated he would wear a mask in public environments.

One day in 2015 he was masked, clothed in long sleeves and wearing gloves in public during a particularly intense series of chemo when a thoughtless individual made a passing remark “that’s a bit much”

This snide remark and the fact that my friend still recounts this story to this day is a stark reminder that we often have no idea what is happening in other peoples lives and what their personal journey has been.

Before you make judgement, before you open your mouth, take a moment to breath.

Kindness and compassion is and always will be the right thing to lead with.

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