#0094 Delete Your EMAIL Inbox

In my last Blog, I asked you to UNSUBSCRIBE to all the Newsletters you receive that you diligently file with the HOPE that you will get back to it someday.

If you are reading this then you have either IGNORED my advice or I was one of the emails you actually do read, to which I THANK you.

Now it’s time to take the next BOLD Step

Empty out EVERY email in your Inbox. YEP, every single one.


  • because it is DISTRACTING you.
  • They are drawing your FOCUS each time you go there.
  • They WASTE your precious time.
  • and they make you ANXIOUS.

But WHAT if?

  • I MISS something important?
  • or I DELETE something I shouldn’t?

I hear you ask.

OK, rather than highlight all and hitting the DELETE key, I suggest creating a new folder, call it “The OLD Me” or whatever makes sense to you, and MOVE them all into there. That way you are able to search through it should you need to go back.My GUESS is once you do this, you’ll never set eyes in there again. Most people who do this technique NEVER go back.

THEN from here on, each day aim to empty your INBOX and start each day FRESH and unencumbered.

Watch as your mood goes from ANXIETY to RELIEF

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