#0093 You Should UNSUBSCRIBE

Is this just ANOTHER subscription that you never read? Do you file this away with a heap of other UNREAD emails that you truly believe you will get to some day?

The REALITY is that if you don’t read an email within a few days, you are less and less likely to EVER read it.

LIFE’s too Busy for UNREAD Email

The bare bones truth is that most of us can only keep up with a FEW sources of Information and Education from sources such as Blogs, News Feeds, Magazines etc but we continually bombard ourself with email after email which we have FULL control over and yet we still complain we have too many emails to deal with and not enough TIME to read them all.

Here are a few TIPS to control the flow:

  • Look through your current subscriptions and identify those which you HAVE NOT read the last 3 emails.
  • UNSUBSCRIBE to all of those. (Even if that means THIS one…sniff)
  • Identify those which you read EVERY one, and create a folder called “Today’s Read” and filter those you read automatically into that folder.
  • Don’t read them the SECOND they come in rather, set aside 10-20 min each day to catch up on your reading.

These SIMPLE few steps will un-clutter your inbox, SAVE you a heap of time and allow you to FOCUS.

Do your email provider (and the world) a favour and UNSUBSCRIBE…

…just not this one 🙂


  1. You are so right! I have emails that I just sort out but do not have the time to read, maybe it is time to start filtering them.
    But must say I have read each and every one of yours, because they are so just to the point and also conveniently short.
    Thanks for sharing!

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