#0160 Do the Opposite

I think it would be fair to say that most people have a canned response/reaction when asked to do something or be part of something. I know my kids do!

It can be the simple requests like “Do you want to go for a walk?” or it can be business opportunities like “Would you be our guest speaker?” or “Come to a networking event with me”

Aware or not, by nature you will lean one way or another as your immediate visceral response. There are many reasons for this with a big one being fear. Fear of failure, fear of discomfort and fear of missing out.

Whichever your disposition, maybe it’s time to try the opposite.

If you find yourself saying Yes too often, then maybe slow down and focus on only agreeing to do the things that really matter. Freeing up time and headspace.

If your default position is No, then maybe try saying Yes a little more as it may lead you towards opportunities and new directions.

This tweak to your deep seated instincts might be shift that allows you to flourish.

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