#0161 Chill

I’m observing a lot of erratic behaviour at the moment.

Impatient people at the supermarket, seemingly unwarranted bad reviews on Google, feuding neighbours, more than the normal amount of Social Media trolling.

The good news is that I’m also observing a heart-warming tsunami of kindness. Friends reaching out and checking in, extended family supporting each other, additional support for the vulnerable and the list goes on.

In times of great stress, extreme reactions are amplified. It’s not hard to understand when so many people are challenged daily. Physically, mentally, financially, constantly on edge and what can only be described as freaking out.

It is difficult and exhausting to live in the extreme and if we have any chance of creating a new norm it will be imperative for the majority to settle back into the middle ground.

By all means keep up the kindness, we can never have too much of that. But we must find a way to reduce the anxiety, choose to help rather than hinder, chill and be cool like the Fonz.

Take note of your daily mood, your stress levels and in particular the way you might be acting and reacting to life. It’s not healthy for you, for your family or those around you.

Once aware, do your best to calm that energy, don’t be embarrassed to ask for assistance, collaborate, communicate, seek solace, focus, breathe.

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