#0159 Why Bother

You are probably going to scroll right past this post.

Statistically there were so many zero’s as I tried to calculate a percentage that it’s basically a 0.00000% chance that you will stop and actually read this.

So why bother?

Why bother going to the effort of posting when you know the chances of people actually reading your musings let alone it going viral is less than the chance of getting struck by lightning. (1 in 300,000/year by the way)

You could argue that people do it to get noticed, some are trying to become insta famous. There are those who are trying to generate business and others do it to serve whilst some do it for themselves.

Whatever your conviction for doing anything, comes back to your belief.

Belief that you can make a difference. Change the world even just a little bit.

Imagine a world where this belief didn’t exist. Would we have the lightbulb? Be able to build ever taller skyscrapers? To fly or to run faster than the 4 minute mile? Would be bother getting out of bed at all? I mean why bother right!

Your belief system is what drives you when others are saying give up.

Change your belief, change your outcome.

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