#0101 How to GET Things Finished

There’s no shortage of things to DO.
My TO-DO list seems to be out of control.
There’s NEVER enough time.

If this sounds familiar, then you’re NOT alone.

Seems everyone I speak too is so busy these days, yet one of the biggest issues I see with STRUGGLING Entrepreneurs is that they are plenty busy but they RARELY complete anything.

Instead they do the basics to get them through and wonder why they are not GROWING.

Here’s a simple List of ideas to get you finishing stuff off for a change:

  • WRITE stuff down. If you write it down, you will be more likely to do it.
  • Give it a completion DATE. Be realistic but also strict on it.
  • Bunch COMMON tasks and set aside a time to knock them off together.
  • REWARD yourself when you finish something of significance.
  • Set aside DOING time each and every week rather then just talking about it.

Its not that you set out to NOT achieve anything but I bet you feel that way about what you’ve done this year…

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