#0100 Be IN the Moment

Life’s passing us all by at an alarming rate and one thing I hear from most business owners is that they wish they could have more BALANCE in their life.

Most people dream of an even balance between Work, Family and SELF.

SELDOM do any Achieve this Goal

I’m not saying its impossible, its not, but it is CHALLENGING. What we have far greater and immediate control over is WHAT we choose to focus on in any one particular moment.

Here are a few places where maybe, just maybe you could get Balance and HARMONY back into your life:

  • Don’t answer the phone when you are CATCHING-UP with someone over coffee.
  • PLAY with your kids and don’t think about what you need to do tomorrow at work.
  • LOOK up from your computer when someone is talking to you.
  • Don’t check your EMAIL, Twitter or Facebook at the Dinner table.

Besides being the polite thing to do, it also allows to you DEFINE spaces in your life rather than everything blurring into one.


It may be as close to BALANCED as you’ll get.

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