1. Work more for me with me working less for it!! I want to work more ON my business than FOR my business!!

  2. …..My SMALL Business would be perfectly organized, that eventually after every detail been looked into, it would run like a computerized computer working on its own and the money would roll in by itself.
    Every piece of it would be laid our perfectly, each link fitting in the whole puzzle to make a perfect picture!

  3. My Perfect World..
    Daily Devotions – Time with God
    Fun Family Adventures,
    Friendships from the Heart
    Home setting that makes you go wow,
    Ultimate Business Success for me and others,
    Perfect Connections,
    Abundant Wealth,
    Amazing homes around the world, Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Australia, England and more,
    Manicured Lawn and Garden,
    And Time to Enjoy all the most important things in Life:)

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