#0158 It’s Groundhog Day

One of my favourite movies growing up was Groundhog Day with Bill Murray released in 1993. Much to my wife’s disgust I am still likely to watch a re-run if it’s playing on TV.

Besides the quip comedy style of Murray, there is something about the transformation he goes through.

At first everything is a drag, same ole same ole. The turning point in the movie is when he realises he has the gift of time and starts to learn new things (mainly to impress a girl of course)

It’s only when he starts to leverage this that he becomes the talk of the town and a much loved character rather the the grump he once was.

The change? He chose to grow and improve.

He read books, learned the play the piano, ice sculpting with a chainsaw and more. He lived a full life and made the most of the time he was given.

It takes effort to not fill every moment up in your day with the mundane.

It’s taken me almost 30 years and probably 50 viewings to see the message in the movie.

It’s never too late to learn something new, you just need to allow room for creativity and give yourself permission to allocate your time wisely.

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