#0157 For Sale, Office Relics

At the turn of the century, Dotcom companies used the allurement of pool tables, beanbags and subsidised cafeteria’s to attract the best talent. It worked.

It quickly became the norm and an expectation that you could play video games at work and drink smoothies at your desk.

Work Hard, Play Hard.

It was an exciting time (if you were in your 20’s & 30’s) Even back then it would alienate those who didn’t hang with the crew and go out for drinks after work.

It was another time, we have moved on.

It’s time to ditch the pool table, give away relics of another era in favour of flexibility.

Let the night owls start at 10, the parent to leave at 2 to pickup the kids from school without the dirty looks. Encourage the team to meet only in the middle of the day and forget being at your desk Monday to Friday.

Don’t demand an explanation to not come into work when your kids are sick or taking a free day when the sun’s shining and you choose to take a coastal walk with your partner instead.

Lead by example.

Reward people to do their job and as long as that happens, who really cares how they manage their time as long as they meet the defined output of the role. That might mean resetting your expectations first.

Lead like this and not only will you attract great talent, you will be rewarded with staff who will ultimately give you back more.

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