#0124 It’s not me, it’s you

Customers don’t come to your website to hear about how good you think you are. What they really want to know is “what can you do for them”.

If you agree that this is true, then why do the majority of websites I visit still continue to drone on about themselves.

I this.. and we that… No-one cares.

It might be time to check your website:
– count the amount of times you say I or we or mention your company name.
– do you talk about your products or services or do you talk about the problems you solve?
– are you offering useful information thats informative and helpful or are you trying to sell yourself?
– is your navigation clear and easy to navigate, or is it confusing and repetitive?
– will customers stay, read and learn, or will they leave none the wiser?

Make your website an asset, a portal of useful information, rather than an online brochure doing a bad job of representing you.

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