#0001 LAUNCH from the POOLside

Dearest Fellow Entrepreneur,

WELCOME to my new Blog “Jewels BARES ALL – the NAKED TRUTH about being an ENTREPRENEUR”

Its March the 18th and today is my 40th Birthday and I am currently sitting by the pool in FIJI, mostly likely with a cocktail in my hand enjoying my MID LIFE CRISIS with my beautiful family and a bunch of REALLY great friends.

I couldn’t think of a better way to embark on a NEW BUSINESS VENTURE (and this blog) by not being present. You see, I’ve finally worked out how to run a Business that works (and makes MONEY) without me.

This BLOG will be an account of my trials and tribulations, blood sweet and tears, the good bad and the ugly, yada yada on what it’s REALLY like to run a business.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, its BLOODY HARD work, but oh so rewarding on so many levels.

This is my chance to  PAY IT FORWARD.

If you choose to follow along, I hope you will find my words useful, truthful and occasionally entertaining.

JOIN ME on this new Journey that begins TODAY (by the pool)

Regards Jewels

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Blogger…

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