#0057 Multitasking is a MYTH

I know, I know, I’m a MAN of course I can’t multitask.

But I don’t care what gender you are or how GOOD you THINK you are at Multitasking, it’s NOT making you more Productive.

It’s actually making you LESS Productive.

When we “THINK” we are multitasking, what we are actually doing is ONE thing at a time but we are swapping quickly between one and the other. And its that SWAP time you are wasting.

But of course we are all busy people and we are dragged into so many things at once that its HARD to Avoid.

Here are a few tips to reduce Multitasking and IMPROVE your Productivity:

  • Turn OFF distractions such as email notification pop-ups and check email a few times a day at specified times.
  • Set times your staff can ASK you questions throughout the day so you are not constantly interrupted.
  • FOCUS on 1 major task at a time and set a goal to complete that task in one go (make them short enough that you can in one sitting)
  • Have only a FEW major things you want to complete in any one day.
  • Don’t sweat the SMALL stuff as they will often take care of themselves.
  • DELEGATE tasks that you really shouldn’t be doing.

Time MANAGEMENT is easy when you SIMPLIFY what you need to get done and just get on with doing it.


  1. This is so true! I used to do a lot of ‘multitasking’ till of late, when I found out that it actually slowed down my progress and nothing worthwhile got done. I was always too busy with barely any positive results to show for it. You work and work, but get no where.
    I changed my approach to, do one thing at a set time with total concentration and commitment to it. That way I can still take on multiple tasks, but one at a time. Result being that I can see progress and accomplishment in those areas.

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