#0077 My Business BROKE My Heart

Not unlike LOVE in the traditional sense, the PASSION can go out of your relationship with your Business.

I just DON’T Love it anymore

Passion, Love, Desire, LUST, Drive, Charisma, Lure….GONE

Don’t worry, there are WAYS to bring back the SPARK:

  • Brush off your original Business Strategy and put some FRESH light onto it.
  • Re-Visit the reasons WHY you went into Business in the first place.
  • Re-set someĀ GOALS for the next 90 Days.
  • Start a NEW Project.
  • PARTNER with someone with the passion.
  • Work ON your Business not just in it.

Without the LUST for more, your Business will suffer, Sales will reduce, your customer service will get SLOPPY,you’ll make LESS and the feeling will only get worse if you don’t act NOW.

If you had the DRIVE once you can have it again, you just need to decide if you really want to put in the EFFORT.

Most IMPORTANTLY …. smile… it’s still better than working for someone else.

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