How many things have you started and not finished?

You had a good idea, went in head first only to lose momentum and give up before the end. I see it all the time and everyone is guilty of it at some point.

But is it more OFTEN than NOT?

Look around you and take a deep breath; what do you see? If you see a pile of HALF DONE PROJECTS and nothing to show for them you’re suffering from “I’ll get to that later”

My Suggestion: Do one thing, do it well, then start the next.

  • Make a list of all the half done projects over the last year or two.
  • Analyse each and determine if the idea is still sound and short list them to the 3 best.
  • Prioritise them in order of biggest impact.
  • Start at number 1.
  • Keep going until complete (don’t give up, don’t get side-tracked)
  • Only when you are happy with the results of project 1 are you to move onto project number 2.

Try this as a technique to train yourself into a culture of COMPLETING rather than NOT.

Do this and your PERSISTENCE will lead to PROFIT in the long run.


  1. I would have to agree with you I have noticed in my own life that its only as I persist with soemthing that it finally pays off the payoff however is far more satisfying when you have to stick with it. I have my own Holistic counselling and small business coaching practice and I am continuing to build but it is very slow. It is good to hear from people like yourself it encourages me to continue.

    1. Stick with it Tony. Persistence will pay off as long as you test and measure along the way so that every step (most steps) are getting you closer to your goals.

  2. Thanks 4 those encouraging words. I am really sthrethened by them.However, I will like to know if U will be intrested in sharing some of your articles on my website.
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