#0070 Post New Year BLUES

Its only a few weeks into the New Year and I already sense that the initial ENTHUSIASM Tsunami I experienced from Entrepreneurs I met early in the year has already SUBSIDED to a mere stream.

We work so hard late in the year to finish off things before the Holidays and have this eternal OPTIMISM that the New Year will bring us EVERYTHING we wish for. But the energy doesn’t seem to flow over and we soon FALL back into old routines and things stay the same.

New Years Resolutions already broken..

To achieve goals we MUST have a plan and not just the DESIRE.

So here are a few ideas to avoid the crash and sustain the BUZZ:

  • Don’t make your resolutions so BIG you are bound to fail. Instead make them smaller and achievable steps rather than leaps.
  • Don’t just have a one liner resolution rather have an actual detailed PLAN that you can follow and integrate into your routine.
  • Set little REGULAR goals i.e. one new client in Jan and one more in Feb with the ultimate goal of 10 this year.
  • Have small REWARDS that come with achieving your smaller goals.
  • Don’t beat yourself up and give up if you miss a goal, instead RE-ALIGN the goal and go again.

Its easy to give up but much more REWARDING to achieve.

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