#0069 When DISASTER Strikes

With the recent DEVASTATING floods in Australia it’s been a timely reminder to consider our preparedness for various forms of disaster.

Lives were lost, thousands of people displaced, no clean water or electricity and so much mud.

Absolutely EVERYTHING was washed away

The key for the SURVIVAL for many of the businesses as it continues to unfold, is the speed at which they and those around them can get back to some sort of NORMALITY.

Not an easy task considering the ENORMITY of the damage but here are a few things to ask yourself when mapping out a Contingency Plan:

  • Do we have a GOOD copy of our records? i.e. is there a recent copy of your financials somewhere else. (Don’t forget to test it occasionally)
  • Can we ACCESS money? Do you have a spare cheque book elsewhere.
  • Can we RELOCATE somewhere temporarily? Work from home or rent another space.
  • What would we need QUICKLY? Phone, internet, computers, stock etc.
  • Who else may be affected and is there an ALTERNATIVE? Suppliers, staff, clients
  • Are we APPROPRIATELY insured? For the correct dollar values as well as the types of disasters.
  • Can we quickly get our hands on emergency FUNDS to start the rebuild process?

Have you THOUGHT through your ‘Contingency Plan’ recently?


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