#0091 Who or What is Your WEAKEST Link

UNEXPECTEDLY I just spent 10 Days in Hospital when my (long time) ailing lower back finally gave way on me. For those of  you interested I had a Disc Herniation between S1 and L5 which caused unbelievable shooting PAIN down my left leg and ultimately had me motionless in a hospital bed for 7 days before being operated on.

GOOD News is that most of the pain has now gone and I am now just building strength back up as the time in hospital left me quite weak.

PAIN causes you to Focus on what’s IMPORTANT

All this made me think about weak points in Business and HOW to minimise disruption even if the Head Honcho was taken out as I was.

Here’s what I came up with an maybe you should THINK about these also:

  • Who and where are the BOTTLE-NECKS?
  • Is EVERYTHING well Documented?
  • Who else CAN do what I would do normally?
  • Are they FAMILIAR with the Tasks and do they have access to all the Information and Processes they need?
  • What are the CONSEQUENCES if my role stops for a Day, a Week, a Month etc

Time on my back also made me THINK about:

  • What happens to SALES?
  • What happens to MARKETING?
  • What happens to my STAFF?
  • What happens to my CLIENTS?

Its times like these that remind you how important it is toSIMPLIFY COMPLEXITY’ and ensure ALL bases are well covered.

The LAST thing I needed was my Back Pain to cause me Business Pain as well.


  1. Firstly, hope you are recovering well.
    You are so right, we tend to think that we are indispensable which is not the correct way to living any part of our life, be it work or otherwise.
    We do need to focus on the continuity of work and everything else were we to step out of the picture, and put systems in place that do not necessarily need us to turn the wheels. The show must go on and we should face that reality.

  2. Dear Jewels,
    I am so sorry you have gone through all this pain and wish you to be well soon.
    You are absolutely right. Too many distractions, no time to stop and think “what if I am not able to be here and to take care of this whole lot tomorrow?”

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