#0090 Too MANY Distractions

Desk phone, Mobile Phone, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Staff, Customers, Suppliers and that’s just the BEGINNING of the List.

In today’s technology filled world the EXPECTATION of “it must happen now” has shortened to instantaneous which is just not sustainable.

I hate to MISS out on anything

So if your the kind of person who has a MILLION things on the go, take a moment to think about the actual IMPACT all that switching is having on your day. A sure sign is that you are always busy but NOTHING seems to get done.

Going from one thing to another and back again not only WASTES time but it actually makes you less efficient and the QUALITY of your works also suffers.

COLLECT your thoughts and:

  • FOCUS on one task at a time until it’s complete.
  • Give the task at hand the RESPECT and time it deserves.
  • LOOK people in the eye when you are having a conversation and DON’T answer that incoming call.
  • COMPLETE your meetings before checking your email or messages.
  • Check email and phone messages two to three times per day RATHER than per hour.

In other WORDS, do one thing, do it well, THEN move onto the next task.

Just WATCH your Productivity go UP.

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