#0150 What’s Stopping You Today?

I get up everyday.

I shower and brush my teeth every day.

I eat every day.

I check social media and manage to watch some tv every day.

There are many things that I do every day, some are more important than others, habits if you will that I’m almost 100% likely to do each and every day.

Yet there is an equal if not greater list of things that I should be doing each day and yet they have failed to become habitual even though some are of higher importance than the ones I choose to do instead.

Is it distraction, is it laziness, is it fear?

Is it prioritisation of the important (and sometimes less fun things) over the necessary?

Are we overcomplicating our lives to the point of saturation and fatigue?

What’s on your should do but not doing list and what’s stopping you from doing it today?

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