#0151 Meditating to Write

Our world is an increasingly noisy place. We are interrupted, distracted, pulled, pushed, flexed and contorted in every direction each and every day.

It’s hard enough to make time for the things that are actually important to us let alone spend an appropriate amount of time on everything that goes our way.

Many turn to meditation to calm the noise. To centre, To breath.

Part of learning to meditate is the process of allowing thoughts to come an go without judgement or interruption.

Another learned skill is to be able to hold focus on a single point for an extended period of time, our breath, the sounds around us or the pressure points of our seated position.

What if we could use the same skills to harness the thoughts in our head and instead of letting them all come an go, recognise when one enters your consciousness. One that may have a point worth exploring, and instead of letting it go, spend a moment to deepen that thought, to focus, to ponder.

Jot it down, write in your journal, blog.

Capture the moment in time and allow the words to flow, without distraction, without judgment.

You never know where that thought might take you.

And remember to breath.

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