#0149 I Demand Your Attention

How did it feel reading the title of this blog?

It’s likely you had an instant reaction to it. Push back. Who are you to demand my attention…

With the pure volume of information that is constantly thrown at us, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to not only get attention but to retain it as well.

Current research suggests humans have a 6 second attention span. (less than a gold fish) In the online advertising world that is reduced to 3.


So how in the hell are we supposed to get the attention of those we wish to communicate with be that a potential customer, a friend or even a family member.

My youngest daughter seems to think that speaking the loudest will get her the attention she seeks. It doesn’t work. It generally has the opposite affect.

The same tactics are used online, loud, colourful, puppies, click bait. Anything to get attention even for a second. It’s not working either.

So how in the hell are we supposed to get the attention of those we seek?

You can start by dropping the cheesy tactics and start with saying something that matters. Start with having empathy for where the audience is at. Tell a better story. Engage. Practice. Like I’m doing now.

So, if I’ve managed to keep your attention this far down, give me a thumbs up. Job done.

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