#0068 Clear Message

How many times have you been ASKED “So what do you do?”

More times than you could count I’m sure. So let me ask you this “How clear and CONSISTENT is your response?”


My guess would be that EACH time you tell your story it changes. Not only does it change in words but I bet what you do changes also.

The issue with MOST Entrepreneurs that I have met is that they are unable to, with ABSOLUTE clarity, describe what they do. Now that might not be so much of an ISSUE when you are at a dinner party, but by-jo, it makes a MASSIVE difference when you are networking or trying to SELL to a prospective Client.

Next time you’re TELLING your story, try these tips:

  • Have a super SHORT version under 20 seconds¬†and use it as the intro. Think of it as speed dating. You’ll want to see if there is any INTEREST before committing more time to the conversation.
  • Make a BOLD statement that prompts questions. If they don’t, it was either not bold enough, of no interest or you’ve not been clear.
  • Be SPECIFIC not broad. The more niche the better. NO! You cannot be all things to all people.

Here’s mine “I SHOW Entrepreneurs how to¬†SIMPLIFY COMPLEXITY by showing them how to get more TIME, more MONEY and more FREEDOM than ever before”

What’s Yours?

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