#0202 A Little Bit of This

Many years ago now I sat patiently with my Mother and asked if she could teach me her (now published) lasagna recipe. It is her signature dish and now with children of my own, I wanted to share the joy of a great home made meal with my then young family.

Being old school nothing had been written down so I sat with pen and paper while she pulled ingredients together and began creating.

“A little bit of this and a handful of that” What!!

No measurements, just intuition and feel.

It came from 70+ years in the kitchen, 7 days a week and at least 2 meals a day. That is a lot of practice and bloody near impossible to replicate just by watching or reading a recipe.

So if you are trying out something new for the first time, do not give up because the first attempt did not quite go to plan and take note of what works and what does not as you create your own version of a dish.

You know I am not just talking about cooking here right…

The image is of me in 2014 handing down to my youngest daughter Scarlett what I had learnt from my Mother.

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