#0201 It is not Hard but it does take Effort

A Players – Attract the clients you deserve, at the volume you need, to grow the business you love.

It is what I have been helping business achieve for the last decade because I have been on the other side and it was not a pleasant experience.

B Players – Here is what it felt like before:
Close anything in desperation.
Some good months and too many bad ones.
Work with people you really should not.
Cash flow rollercoaster.
Constant frustration.
Always stressed.

Problem is at the time I did not know how to fix it.

Turns out it means you have to consistently invest in client attraction just as you would invest in other parts of your business. It is not an afterthought and it is not something you do when you get desperate.

I know which side I would rather stay on once you know how.

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