#0080 Abundance or FEAR

Over the years I have noticed two distinct MINDSETS in Small Business Owners. One of Abundance and one of Fear.

Unfortunately MOST Entrepreneurs live in Fear

Those in FEAR tend to:

  • Be afraid of the COMPETITION.
  • Spend more time BAGGING the competition rather than improving their Service.
  • Avoid asking for FEEDBACK from Customers for fear of what they might hear.
  • Work ALONE.
  • Not SHARE Ideas or Innovations.

In CONTRAST those in a place of Abundance will:

  • WELCOME competition.
  • Work SELFLESSLY toward the greater good.
  • Believe there is ENOUGH for everyone.
  • Share IDEAS so they Spread.
  • Be LESS Stressed.
  • EMBRACE Feedback
  • Are HAPPIER from within.

The GOOD News is that Abundance has nothing to do with Wealth and everything to do with BELIEF.

Which are you?

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