#0079 Holy COW

For most Small Businesses it’s difficult to truly DIFFERENTIATE ourselves from the masses. Most Product and Services tend to BLEND into the crowd.

Sure we give GREAT service, sure we go the extra mile but so does everyone else apparently.

Asking the RIGHT questions will often get us much further than making a statement of capability.

So HOW can I differentiate myself?

Rather than trying to differentiate your Product or Service,  STAND OUT from the crowd by the Questions you ask and the responses you give.

Here are a few THOUGHT provokers:

  • Don’t just ask WHAT, but How and Why.
  • Start your questioning BROAD then go DEEP, then go broad again.
  • Ask what EMOTIONS certain things conjure.
  • Determine if your Product has a PERSONAL affect on the decision maker.
  • Have EMPATHY

Sometimes we are so FOCUSED on making our Product or Service stand out that we NEGLECT to make our Business POP.

What’s your “Holy Cow, no-ones asked me that before”

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