#0412 Baby with the Bathwater

Slow and old.

Recently I asked a random selection of contacts to use 5 words to describe me.

An interesting exercise which takes some courage as you never really know what words will come back.

Humbled by 99% of the responses like, thoughtful, multifaceted, diligent and integrity.

Of the hundred or so responses the opening words above stuck out and here is how I dealt with it.

Perspective is unique to the individual, we do not all see the same thing.
You will never be able to please or impress everyone and that is OK.
Bringing this to awareness has given me the option to adapt.
There is always something to work on, keep going.
Do not let the naysayers overrule the overwhelming positives.

P.S. Pat yourself on the back, you are awesome just as you are.

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