#0458 Controlled Chaos

Every two weeks or so one of my daughters gives her room a good clean. Puts everything in its place again and it drive me insane.

Not the cleaning part, that I applaud. The 13 days in-between cause me angst where almost every item of clothing she owns along with anything else used that fortnight seems to end up on the floor.

Her sisters room right next door is the opposite. Items for the most part do not end up on the floor, bed gets made and all is in order. A discussion for ‘nature or nurture’ for another time.

I cannot help but observe the exact same behaviour in many businesses.

Some operate in constant chaos with the occasional calm, others make the effort to be consistent.

One is always super busy and struggles to make time and runs late for most meetings, the other never misses an engagement or a deadline.

One is a highly stressful environment, the other not so much.

I know which I prefer.

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