#0456 Personal Brands

Well before social media there are countless examples of enduring personal brands.

Napoleon, Shakespeare, Darwin, Einstein and the list goes on.

Of course back then you had to have done something of historical significance which was remarkable enough to be documented.

Roll forward a little and you see people like Sir Richard Branson who forged his own path by going out of his way to build a personal brand along side his business ventures. You could argue the Virgin brand would be nowhere near as successful without the association of his personal brand.

Branson is the very reason I advocate for every business leader to also be building a personal brand.

One that elevates the value of the business they are currently leading but also one that allows them to repeat success over and over again no matter where they turn their hand.

I would argue your business alone will hit a ceiling where a strong personal brand will allow you to smash those limitations.

Are you putting in the time and effort to build your personal brand?

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