#0023 Please Sir, may I HAVE some more?

Ask and you may just receive. Most people are afraid to ask just in case the answer is no.

The problem is, if you don’t ask the answer is ALWAYS no.

If you’re in Business and you are not CONSTANTLY asking for something, then you are most likely missing out on a whole lot. You’d be surprised what you could get if only you spent a moment and asked.

The KEY is not to expect the response, but be GRACIOUS with whatever the answer is, even if it’s no.

Here are a few things you could ask for which might just IMPROVE your profitability:

Ask your:

  • happy customers for a testimonial to use on your website or proposals.
  • customers for a referral to gain new business.
  • customers for 3 things you don’t do for them that they wished you did. (new offering maybe)
  • suppliers to assist with marketing their products together.
  • suppliers for longer payment terms to assist your cash-flow.
  • suppliers for additional price breaks for your fastest moving products.
  • employees to be alert for business when speaking to clients, even if they are not in sales.
  • employees to go the extra mile to keep customers happy.
  • prospective clients for the business when you have provided everything they want to hear.

These are just a few asks that might help improve your Business.

What questions have you asked that you were surprised at the answer?

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