#0022 Small Business FINALLY overtakes Corporates

YEP, it’s true…

In years gone by, if you wanted to use the BEST TECHNOLOGY you had to work for a Corporate. They were the only ones who could AFFORD the latest technology. They were the only ones who could afford to INNOVATE. They were the only ones who could afford to FAIL if it didn’t work.

NOW its the opposite.

Corporates are more CAUTIOUS than ever. Corporates are SLOW to make decisions. Corporate innovation budgets are more SCRUTINISED than ever.


Today, as a Small Business there are (new) technology options that are VERY AFFORDABLE. Small Business makes decisions QUICKLY. Small Business can now LEAD and innovate like never before.

Just one example is the advent of Smart Phones like the iPhone with 0ver 250,000 application available, many of which are Business PRODUCTIVITY tools, many of which are either FREE or available for a few dollars, all this allows the small business owner to opperate more efficiently, more remotely and with EASE.

Personally, I use and iPhone a laptop and a whole bunch of cloud based technology to run my Business. I can be ANYWHERE in the world as long as I have an internet connection to run everything. Just a few years ago I was shackled to a desk in an office and couldn’t get to anything if I wasn’t sitting at my desk.

I FEEL liberated and MORE effective than ever.

How good are you @ using technology to IMPROVE your Business and LIFESTYLE?


  1. The future of cloud computing will allow small businesses to take advantage of technology that they never would have been able to afford before .. and they’ll be quick enough and flexible enough to embrace it .. bring it on!

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