#0213 Sharing

There is power in sharing (all) your ideas, learnings, experiences.

On more than one occasion I have had people reach out to me and ask me a question about something I presented or wrote. One of those contacts recently was from 7 years ago!!

It both delighted me and freaked me out a little that not only was someone listening, but that it had a big enough impact all these years later.

Not surprisingly no-one has ever asked me about a thought I had in private, that I did not share, no-one.

Many people I know are reluctant to share their knowledge, particularly for free, as they believe that by giving away their IP it somehow diminishes its value or worse, they will take that knowledge and do it themselves.

I believe the opposite it true.

In fact I am happy to share everything I know on a particular subject knowing full well that most if not all will do nothing with it. I mean there are enough books, courses, videos out there that we should all be fit, happy, rich and in love am I right!

And to those who I impact, a few may just come back to me in time and ask for my help.

Share away and if it comes from the right place, it will not only be fulfilling in the short term, but will pay you dividends in many ways for years to come.

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