#0054 BREAK the Rules

I speak to many Business owners and the vast MAJORITY of them work very hard with LITTLE gain. They have produced themselves a JOB that if they are lucky PAYS. Some work very hard and earn little, WHAT’S the point.

They are DOING all the right things but NOT really succeeding.

WHY haven’t I hit the BIG time?” I hear them shriek.

My OBSERVATION over many years is that those who stick to the rules of PLAY generally have a MEDIOCRE Business at best. Those who BREAK rules and push the BOUNDARIES are those who tend to succeed. NOT ALL make the big time as some crash and burn. But you have to know when to go with your INSTINCT and go hard you should.

You MUST lead or you are destined for AVERAGE.
The KEY to leading is to CONSTANTLY INNOVATE.

  • NOT one good idea, but many.
  • Some will work, many will FAIL, go again.
  • Don’t put all your EGGS in one idea.
  • Make it part of your ROUTINE.
  • INCLUDE your staff, make it part of their role. (Google does this very well)
  • When you have a good idea, MAKE it work.
  • Don’t be AFRAID of criticism.

IF you would like to SUCCEED it’s time you STOPPED following and started LEADING.

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