#0053 Give it OFTEN

The way to get the MOST out of your Employees is to provide frequent, SPECIFIC Feedback. It allows them to GROW and IMPROVE in what and how they do things as an employee. It allows them to identify their STRENGTHS from their WEAKNESSES and work on both.

An Employee will NEVER change their behaviour if someone doesn’t point out the GOOD from the BAD.

Occasionally saying “Good Job” does NOT constitute Feedback, it’s praise and there IS a difference.

Feedback should be about the POSITIVES and the NEGATIVES, and every employees should be getting BOTH. Feedback is specific, personal and DIRECT.

Here are a few examples:

  • John, when you roll your eyes in a meeting its disrespectful to the speaker, can you please refrain?
  • Paul, when you arrive on time to my meetings it makes my job much easier, thanks.
  • Mary, when I have to chase you for that weekly report, it wastes my time, do you think you can improve that behaviour?
  • Lucy, your willingness to help customers reflects beautifully on the company and makes my role a breeze, thank you.

Give feedback OFTEN, do it quickly i.e. one sentence as per the above examples, and do it in private even if thats a whisper in the hall on the way to the next meeting.

Employees will respect you and ULTIMATELY be better for it.

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