#0055 Under Sell, OVER Deliver

For some reason or another, we tend to OVER commit and regularly UNDER deliver. Sometimes its to CLOSE a deal, sometimes to appear BIGGER or better than we really are, sometimes just to save face or IMPRESS.

It may get you across the line in the short term but you are RISKING a shaky relationship with your client when you constantly FAIL to deliver as PROMISED.

Its the SMALL things that add up to BIG let downs.

  • “I’ll email you this afternoon” when you know you have meetings booked.
  • “We can complete in a week” when you know it will take 10 days.
  • “Our Business has 20 Staff” when it only has 12.
  • “We will do that for $1,000” and then try and charge $1,200.
  • “I’ll be there is 30 minutes” when you know it will take 40 in traffic.

On their own they may seem relatively minor but to a Customer it appears you have been misleading them and CANNOT be trusted.

Is this the IMPRESSION you wish your customers to have of you?

Put SIMPLY, always tell the TRUTH, don’t stretch your abilities and do your best to meet (if not EXCEED) expectations. Not only will you be able to hold your head HIGH with PRIDE at all times but you will end up with RAVING FANS who will come back time and time again.

WHAT little white lies do you tell on a regular basis?


  1. This is so true, over committing is the first step to losing a customer. You want to build a longlasting business relationship with customers and not a one time only business transaction. And transparency is appreciated. Everyone appreciates honesty, you gain the persons confidence in trusting you enough to give you the business and not someone else. Most times people are ready to even pay more than they would your competitors, provided you be honest with them and deliver more than you commit. These points may seem small, but are very important. Being honest works in all aspects, if you need to pay a creditor and are a little financially committed, it is better to talk to him, explain your situation and have him understand, rather than avoid him like the plague, which actually makes him more aggressive in recovering his debt.

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