#0066 CONTROL Meetings

Part of being in Business is Meeting with other people. Over 2o plus years in Business I can’t tell you how many THOUSANDS of meetings I have been to.

Some were OK, some ordinary, many FORGETFUL.

Nothing annoys me more in Business than WASTING valuable time and a BIG sapper of time is the humble meeting.

Clients, Prospects, Partners, Peers and Employees will respect you and be HAPPY to meet with you if you can run a good, well structured meeting thats VALUABLE to all parties involved.

If you are planning on meeting someone, here are a few points I think can make a difference:

  • Be ON time, call ahead if you are going to be late, even if its just a few minutes.
  • Have a SUCCINCT spiel about WHY you are there (be very clear and specific).
  • Be PREPARED. Nothing worse than someone fumbling through a meeting they arranged as if they are making it up as they go along.
  • Keep the meeting on TRACK and to Topic and be RESPECTFUL of the time that has been committed. If possible finish a little earlier than expected.
  • Have a defined NEXT steps so the other party know exactly what to EXPECT.
  • Ensure the next steps actually HAPPEN as promised.

Simple I know but you’d be amazed how many meetings are poorly run and are a complete waste of time.

Follow these simple rules and you will run meetings that won’t be TIME wasters.

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  1. Very helpful tip. Thanks a mil. Been trying to apply this system as much as possible and funny enough – am soon on my way to a guess what – a meeting! So, I’ll be sure to remember the tips

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