#0067 Step BACK and Observe

Way too many of us get HUNG up on the day to day. We spend all of our time keeping the wheels spinning with BARELY a moment to rest let alone work on our STRATEGY.

If ONLY we stood back every once in a WHILE.

The key to growth is CHANGE.
The key to change is ACTION.
The key to action is PLANNING.

How the hell can we plan if we DON’T stop for a breath?

Small Business owners are a-typical work IN the Business and rarely ON the business.

Here are a few methods I use to stop and take stock:

  • Schedule in time in the diary (at least once per month) and DON’T move it.
  • Have a STRUCTURED approach i.e. Review, plan, set actions, timeframes and set owners.
  • Set yourself BONUSES if you complete a major goal i.e. buy that TOY you’ve always wanted when (and only when) you reach your profit target.
  • Have someone you are accountable to and SHARE your goals and visions and ask them to help you to stay focused.
  • Have time set aside each week to ADVANCE these goals.
  • STRETCH yourself, you’ll be amazed how much more you achieve over a year.

AIM to spend 20% of your time PLANNING and EXECUTING your Strategy.

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