As the Business owner EVERY day I got questions left right and centre and it was ALWAYS up to me to lead the way. Ask me, bug me, BOTHER me and this went on day after day after day.

Why is it that people find it difficult to make decision for THEMSELVES?

If this sounds like you, then STOP

I used to be just like this myself, I was ALWAYS the one making decisions that seemingly just led me to the NEXT series of questions. NOTHING would get done if I wasn’t the one CONTROLLING every step. From the moment it was late enough to call me to WELL after home time and even on weekends. I was literally SHACKLED to my Business.


It all CHANGED for me when I realised that I was only one person and for my company to grow I had to LEVERAGE others. There just WEREN’T enough hours in the day to control EVERYTHING, so I started letting go. More importantly I started GIVING others the responsibility and the OWNERSHIP of areas they could manage.

Slowly but surely this FREED me up to do other things.
Slowly but surely I was no longer the BOTTLENECK of the organisation.
Slowly but surely things got done QUICKER.

If you truly want to grow your Business, STOP holding it back….LEVERAGE.


  1. I have learned a lot of things just by reading ur blogs. this one really caught my attention. I like the way you elaborate things such as leverage and the way you used the words “SLOW BUT SURE.” But in my opinion, once you’ve started having a business you must be ready to take risks. One must not rush into things. Everyone must be patient and must make a DECISION that will put him up instead of goin’ down. A decision that will never give a person a bucket full of REGRETS.

    1. Thank you for your comment Zenj. Yes, Business is about taking risks but I believe we sometimes get too hung up on the notion of risk. Life is all about risks and business is no different. I only think of something as a risk if I have not done my research and ensure each decision is considered. Once I have made it, I then do everything in my power to give it a good chance. Some work, many don’t. The key is to keep making decisions.
      Thanks for reading and I am glad you are learning.

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