#0051 SCRATCH Mine and I’ll Scratch Yours

As a Small Business we often come across OPPORTUNITIES that you can’t do but would LIKE to help your Client with.

It’s a GREAT Networking opportunity and also an EXCELLENT potential place to generate LEADS (which we all want more of Right?)

If you are GREAT at connecting Business with a NEED then you will become to GOTO person to get things done, the TRUSTED advisor, the FIRST person they’ll turn to, INVALUABLE.

Have a think about teaming up with SISTER (non-Competing) Companies that you can SWAP referrals with.

  • An Office Cleaning Company could partner with Window Cleaners.
  • A Hairdresser could Team up with a Nail Beautician.
  • An Accountant with a Financial Planner.
  • A Carpenter with a Plumber and Electrician.
  • An IT Services Company with a Software Development outfit.

There are ENDLESS opportunities out there and its often the people you KNOW which are most likely to give you the WORK.

Givers GAIN, so the more you hand out opportunities the GREATER the likelihood that you will get in return.

I’m NOT saying this should be your ONLY Marketing effort, but it certainly could play a part.

Scratch AWAY …

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