#0028 Don’t QUIT Now

Running a business is often FRUSTRATING, challenging, painful, EMOTIONAL, tiring etc etc. But when you are ready to give up and pack your bags…

I think it was Confucius that said:

“When you are ready to Quit, you are CLOSER than you think”

Thomas Edison was reported to have attempted (and failed) the lightbulb some 10,000 times before it finally worked. Imagine what could have been if he had given up before success.

Treat each failure as a learning to build your knowledge on.

Running a business is NOT easy, but it can be INFINITELY rewarding if you get to reap the rewards. Those rewards however mostly don’t come easy and will require some work.

Don’t despair, a little hard work, lots of learning and a bit of luck and most importantly DETERMINATION will see you there.

Here are some success tips that HELP me get through the tough times:

  • Do something you TRULY love and have a PASSION for.
  • Do only what you are GOOD at and delegate the rest.
  • REWARD yourself along the way.
  • SHARE your successes and failures with those close to you.
  • Make TIME for your (other than Business ) LIFE.
  • Occasionally look back at how FAR you have come.
  • Fail FAST and move on

Not everything you try will work the FIRST TIME, so if it fails, brush yourself off and go again.

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