#0052 Make the Journey PAY

Small Business Owners work HARD. They tend to SACRIFICE many things for the dream. Often at the expense of TIME and INCOME. They INVEST and re-invest to keep building. Pumping every resource into their baby.

WHAT’S it all about?

For some people its the Destination, the big payout at the end. “I’ll sell it for millions SOME day” But what if that day never comes?
For some people the JOURNEY is most important and they reap as much as they can along the way.

The challenge with waiting for the MONEY day, is that all too often it never eventuates the way you IMAGINED it.
So now you’ve worked hard for MANY years, sacrificed a decent regular income and the SALE wasn’t grand.

The issue with TAKING as much as you can along the way is that people get GREEDY at the expense of the Business and it falls into a heap.

My advice, it should be BOTH, in healthy doses.

Heres a few points to make you think about where you are at and perhaps reflect on where you SHOULD be:

  • Are you drawing a regular ABOVE average wage?
  • Are you working more than the average HOURS per week?
  • Are you able to take a DECENT Holiday every year?
  • Can the Business SURVIVE (if not THRIVE) when you are not there?
  • Are there FRINGE benefits to speak of?
  • Does the Business have a VALUE which is increasing as time goes by?
  • Are you INVESTING at a Personal level to create wealth independent of the Business?

It’s one thing to work HARD, its another to work SMARTER.

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