#0476 Giving Up

2mm was all it took.

On the weekend I went to mow our lawns as I often do and for some reason the mower would not start.

Only the week before I had replaced the spark plug and air filter and it had been running sweet, this week it was dead. I pulled it apart in an attempt to diagnose, no luck.

Sitting on the front stoop looking at new mowers on my phone I paused before hitting the buy button on a model I had my eye on to call my mower tinkering brother-in-law. Over the phone proved to be too much and fortunately he only live 20 mins away so he drove over.

Within a few minutes he noticed the kill switch resting against the metal housing shorting it out. He moved it just 2mm and it fired up first time. The eye of experience, curiosity and a process of elimination.

How many times have you given up on something when unwittingly you may have been sooooooo close?

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