#0060 Morale is CONTAGIOUS

Employees tend to HERD together when it comes to emotion and sentiment. One misguided sheep can DRAG the whole mob down.

You’ll most likely find that if EMPLOYEE morale is down, it will stem from one or two individuals who may not be happy and that will have a MAJOR affect on those around them. You need to seek these individuals out and DETERMINE what the issues are and ADDRESS them. Sometimes its the environment (which can be fixed) and sometimes its the individual who may NOT fit in (which can also be fixed if you know what I mean)

GOOD Morale starts at the TOP.

This is one area however that you MUST lead and set the example and it IS a constant effort. Your WHOLE company reflects you, your emotions, your passions and your efforts and your employees FEED off of these.

Here a few things to be conscious of Day to Day:

  • if you are in a bad mood, angry or unapproachable, your employees will AVOID you and it will rub off on them.
  • if you seem tired or COULDN’T be bothered, they won’t either.
  • if you are SLOPPY, they will be more so.

Here are a few things to try:

  • SMILE when you speak, you’ll sound happy.
  • walk upright with PURPOSE.
  • put PASSION into your efforts.

These may sound small but the IMPACT of the Happy you WILL spread.


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