#0061 Being UNDER-CUT on Price?

Are your Clients BEATING you down on Price because they can get it CHEAPER somewhere else?
Are you losing Deals because they go with a cheaper COMPETITOR?

Sure, if you’re in a HIGH margin business you may be able to afford to cut your prices, but MOST Businesses don’t have that LUXURY any more.

ADD Value rather than COMPETE on Price.

You may have some or all of these CHALLENGES:

  • You’re the same as your competitor only MORE Expensive.
  • You offer MORE than your competitor but do not EXPRESS it very well in your Sales process.
  • You offer more than your competitor but your client DOESN’T want the extras.
  • Your pricing model is outdated, confusing or INAPPROPRIATE.

So what should you do to MAINTAIN some Margin and keep and/or WIN new Business:

  • ADD Value Value VALUE to your offering, but ensure it has actual perceived value to your clients.
  • Improve your Sales pitch so the Value is Crystal CLEAR.
  • FOCUS on what will HELP your Clients rather than what the Competition is doing.
  • Make the WHOLE process from first Meeting to Delivery super SIMPLE for your Client.

The AIM is to STAND OUT from the crowd rather than BLEND in.

Do this with REAL Value and GREAT Service and your Clients will keep coming back to YOU no matter how cheap your Competitors are.

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